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About three years ago, I purchased a drone for the first time.
I was interested in photography and video, but in Japan it was a time when regulations Ire getting stricter, so I bought it because I wanted to take aerial photography in the Philippines where I often go.

After purchasing, practice a little on the bank of the neighborhood, and then hit it.
I brought a tour across the Visayas region in the Philippines.
I had no knowledge of drones or video shooting at all, and I just filmed it at will, but of course I could not shoot Ill.
Since then, I have been immersed in video shooting using not only drones but also single-lens reflex cameras and action cameras, and studied photography and editing techniques myself.

Sometimes I have the opportunity to listen to a professional story, every day is fresh, everything is new, fun and exciting.
I am still quite amateur now, but every day I try to get closer to those people by watching videos of seniors and Youtuber.

I mainly shoot in the Philippines, but in Japan, I also shoot the spring cherry blossom season and the fall foliage season. I have also started shooting models and people.

Although I am still a beginner, I am convinced that my passion for video production is one of the hottest.
Please watch with warm eyes.

Takashi Mukaida


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